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Larisa Carlson

Director & Choreographer


Larisa Carlson is a professional Folk Dancer/Folk Dance Instructor and Choreographer. She has graduated from the Institute of Choreography at the Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre and received a degree in Folk Dance Choreography at the Shevchenko University in Lviv (Ukrainian Republic). Upon graduating she performed professionally with the State Folk Dance Ensemble “Yunost” and later as a dancer and instructor with the Folk Dance Ensemble “Druzhba.” As part of her professional dance career, Ms. Carlson had participated in numerous State folk dance competitions and festivals, received prestigious State awards for folk dance, toured nationally and internationally. Having immigrated to the United States, she immediately began teaching Slavic folk dance and producing Slavic folk culture events. As a Founder (in 1999) and the Director of the Dance Studio “Showtime-Katusha” she has participated in a plethora of fairs, festival and ethnic events, as well as produced many successful cultural events performances through the Studio.

Ms. Carlson is the Founder and Producer of the Annual Cultural Festival “Russian Celebration” (begining in 2008) and the Annual Cultural Folk Festival “Maslenitsa”. In 2010 and 2011 she had been nominated for West Hollywood’s Outstanding Community Service Award, in which the City of West Hollywood commended her for her contribution to the Slavic arts and culture in the local community.


Most recently (2019), Larisa Carlson has received the following Awards for her Achievements in Arts and Culture:

  • Certificate of Recognition and Award from California Legislature Assembly.

  • Outstanding Community Service Award from City of West Hollywood, CA.

  • Imperial Medal of Honor for Achievement in Arts and Russian Culture from HIH Grand Duchess Maria Wladimirovna - the Head of the Russian Imperial House of Romanov,Madrid, Spain.

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