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Dance Showtime-Katusha believes in bringing communities and people together through the joy of dancing and creative expression.

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Dance Showtime - Katusha is a non-profit organization with Slavic roots, committed to advancing dance education and preserving Slavic cultural heritage by bringing performing arts, folk dance and music into different communities of the Greater Los Angeles area.

Goals & Objectives

Advance and promote Slavic dance while fostering education in performing
arts. Celebrate individual expression and creativity of each child while helping a child’s harmonious development (physical and cultural).

Preserve Slavic culture. Keep presenting a rich repertoire of traditional and Slavic-influenced dance. Help the Slavic immigrant community to preserve its cultural heritage.

Serve and support communities. Provide opportunities for various communities of the Greater Los Angeles area to experience a positive influence of the Slavic culture through sharing the beauty and harmony of Slavic folk dance. Promote and foster artistic collaboration and support multicultural understanding of the language of dance.


The goals and objectives of our organization are aimed at providing educational programs for school aged children in Los Angeles County. Our curriculum helps
students study the basics of choreography and develop their talents while learning the language of dance. In addition, we provide students with an opportunity to receive training in folk dance and learn more about Eastern European folk culture and history.

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