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Folk Dance

Slavic folk dance is an important part of Slavic Culture. Some of the unique characteristics
suggest that many elements were developed by the early Slavic population. Traditional
Slavic folk dance is as broad and diverse as the nation itself. Our students learn and perform
many traditional, very difficult Slavicdance tricks.

Children's Dances

Our little dancers learn and perform many different children’s dances on the stage portraying their favorite characters: Little Chicks; Butterfly; Zoo; the characters from Fairy tales – Snow White and the
Seven Dwarfs; Red Hood; Wolf and Goats; Pinocchio; Nutcracker.


Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance. Ballet helps dancers to gain strength, flexibility,
coordination and balance, which are necessary in all forms of dance. This technique is also
great at enhancing students' athletic abilities in various sports.

Basic Gymnastics

Gymnastics encompasses many aspects of ballet and other dance styles. Along with its
technical and foundational aspects, gymnastics allows the student to develop a great deal of
balance, coordination, agility, strength, flexibility, and motor control. Our students learn
spatial awareness, directional change, balance, and hand-eye coordination.

Tuition & Policies

  • Children of 3 years and older are accepted into the studio.

  • Kids learn ballet, folk dance, basic gymnastics and children`s dances.

  • The monthly fee for a child attending classes once a week is $70, twice a week is $110 and three times a week just $160. Multiple children from the same family may have a discount. Checks should be made payable to: Dance Studio Showtime-Katusha

  • Fees are paid one month ahead, due the first week of the month.

  • Classes begin strictly on time. This is why we request that everyone brings their children five minutes before the class starts and pick them up right after it ends.

  • Classes and times are subject to change. 

For girls: ballet leotard and a skirt, white socks (tights), ballet shoes, hair should be up and out of the face.
For boys: dark shorts with T-shirt, white socks, ballet shoes.

Performances & Costumes
During the year we will be having concerts which require costumes. When new costumes are made, parents will be required to put a down payment (50% costume price). For every performance, the rent for each costume will be $ 5.00

Class Schedule


10am to 11am

11am to 12pm


6:30pm to 7:30pm

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